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About Jeremy

     I have been fascinated with wildlife and animals since childhood. Growing up in rural, central California much of my childhood was spent chasing frogs, snakes, and any critters I could get close to and helping to tend chickens, rabbits and cows at my grandparents' farm. These early experiences led me to working, exploring, backpacking, and fly-fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains as a young adult and fueled my natural curiosity and interest in animals and wildlife.

     My drive to be engaged with wild animals led me to pursue the art of falconry. During my almost thirty years of honing my craft and skills as a falconer I've lived in many parts of the Western United States from the Oklahoma panhandle to the state of Washington, where I now reside.  Over those decades of observation, research, and practice I became widely recognized for my specialized expertise in falconry.  My passion for hunting and working with trained hawks and falcons continues to drive my discerning curiosity and acute observation skills used to inform my sculpting. This desire to be close to wilderness and wildlife has brought me much happiness, and that is what I most want to share in my artwork. I strive to accurately represent my animal subjects while still providing a slight joyful lift through their expressions and poses. I aspire to bring my sculptures to life so they reflect an artist's life authentically committed to the natural world.

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